Learning extension

Gifted students are those whose potential is distinctly above average in one or more of the following areas of ability at school - intellectual, creative, social and physical.

Our gifted and talented program provides these students with learning opportunities on top of the normal curriculum.

Opportunity classes

Certain schools across NSW offer opportunity classes for high-achieving, academically-gifted students in Years 5 and 6. To be considered for enrolment, students must sit the opportunity class placement test in Year 4. The test is held between late July and early August and application packages must be made in May.

Selective high schools

Selective high schools provide a challenging environment where high-achieving, academically gifted students can reach their potential. To apply for a selective high school you need to complete an application in Year 5 and students must sit the selective high school placement test in Year 6 to be considered for enrolment.

Some selective high schools accept students for entry into Years 8-12. Applications are available in June and must be made directly to your preferred school.

Merimbula Public School offers its students a range of engaging and innovative programs to extend the learning of students. Some of these programs are outlined below.

Environmental Education Program and Gifted and Talented Education Through the Bournda Environmental Education Centre

Students with identified skills and talents in particular Key Learning Areas (such as visual arts, writing, science or mathematics) are offered the opportunity to participate in exciting activities at the Bournda Environmental Education Centre. This year students are participating in writing workshops, mathematics field studies days incorporating GPS with bike travel, science studies and visual arts programs at the field studies centre.

Connected Classroom and Embedded Technology Program

Merimbula Public School has embraced having a Connected Classroom since one was installed as part of the second DET rollout. In 2009 teachers enhanced the delivery of teaching and learning programs, and further engaged students, by integrating the use of Interactive White Boards (IWB) into their lessons. These IWBs are located in every classroom. 

Staff have attended Connected Classroom, IWB and emerging technology training and development sessions to become confident, motivated and increasingly skilled practitioners when implementing technology teaching and learning programs. Staff embraced the use of these technologies considerably, facilitating the P&C to purchase additional IWB bundles for the school. Additional training and development led to increased teacher skill and knowledge. Technology is now seen as an engaging tool to deliver high quality lessons as opposed to a subject in itself. 

Our school has two Computer Labs (one Apple and one Windows) as well as computers for students to access in the Library. The Library is a technology learning hub and it is open to students at lunch time. Each classroom also has 5-6 computers as well as a class set of iPads.

Students who experience learning and/or developmental difficulties may have an iPad allocated to them for daily use.

Premier's Challenges

For 6 years all students have participated in challenges set by the Premier including the: Premier's Reading Challenge, Premier's Spelling Bee and the Premier's Sporting Challenge.

Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking Competition

Each year, Stage 2 and 3 students participate in the Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking Competition coordinated by the Department's Arts Unit. Students develop their knowledge and understandings, speaking extremely well to school and regional audiences. 

Peer Support and Live Life Well @ School

In 2009 the school implemented the Peer Support program and the Live Life Well @ School program to improve the wellbeing, physical, social and emotional health of all students. Teams of teachers work collaboratively on these initiatives to develop action plans that facilitate school improvement.  


Since 2008 the Mathletics program has been implemented in all classes to reinforce concepts taught in the classroom as well as to give students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and increase their mathematical ability through engaging technology-based experiences. 

The program is purchased by the school for all students. Students can access homework, review and extension tasks at home.

If your child completes all activities set for his or her grade, needing acceleration, or if they forget their password, please contact your child's teacher.