Learning support

We monitor each student's progress and provide additional learning support if this is required.

Our school uses learning programs and specialised staff where needed and we work in partnership with parents and carers to assist students who have special learning needs.

Our school is committed to working with Aboriginal parents and community members in developing personalised plans for our Aboriginal students.

Our Learning and Support Programs:

Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord is part of an educational software program developed by the Scientific Learning Corporation that aims to develop a child's cognitive skills, especially regarding phonological awareness skills in reading. The program strengthens memory retention, attention, processing speed and sequencing ability in reading. When participating in the 20 week program children spend an hour a day completing computerised exercises, in a Learning Support Technology Room, based on speech-sound drills. As a child progresses through the individualised program their activities become more challenging. Ms Kim Peters, our Learning Assistance and Support Teacher (LAST) coordinates this program.

Pre-Lit, MiniLit, MultiLit and the MultiLit Word Attack Extension Program

The explicit, structured MultiLit reading programs were implemented in Merimbula Public School from 2009 by the School Learning Support Teacher. The programs address word attack skills, sight word recognition, reinforced reading and other essential reading components in a highly focused one-to-one daily session. As students progress through the program they may participate in it within a small group. This program improves the reading results of students. Results from the phonics-based teaching program have been extremely effective to date, with students improving their reading age by up to two years during a 20-week period. School Learning Support Officers (SLSO) have been trained in supporting the program.

In-Class / Small Group Support Programs

Students with identified literacy, numeracy, social, behavioural or confidence needs may receive additional in-class or small group support from a Learning Support Officer or the school's Learning Assistance and Support Teacher. Some students receive this support due to developmental needs being recognised by the Department or as a result of paediatric assessments having been completed. Some students, who have low level support needs, receive this support as the school's Learning Support Team / Engagement Committee recognise that additional support is required to support their learning achievement.