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Last updated 8:51 PM on 25 June 2014
One of the creative dinosaurs on display

Just when you thought there were no more dinosaurs........

On the evening of Wednesday July 25, parents, children and guests attended a darkened school to visit some magical displays in the Year 1 and 2 classrooms as part of the "Night In The Museum" event, which culminated the term's 'Living Things - Dinosaurs' unit of work.

Children turned up in their pyjamas, with headlight and hand-held torches, and with caregivers holding their hands....sneaking through the dark rooms to see a wonderful arrangement of creative, well-planned 'design and make' tasks.

There were paper mache dinosaurs, critters made from chicken wire, bread, recycled goods, bottle tops and Lego. The creatures were large and small but all were made with great care and wonderful help from mums and dads. What a great family opportunity!

Over 150 people attended the museum night, amazed by the quality of work presented, both homework projects and art and science pieces developed at school.

Thank you to Assistant Principal Mrs Hodsdon and to all of the Stage 1 teachers for organising such a wonderful event. See our Photo Gallery for more pictures!