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Last updated 8:20 PM on 28 August 2013

Our team travels in style thanks to Troy's Hire...loaning us a bus fueled by Caltex.

Just over a week ago our AFL team left school for their quarter final match against Finley Public School, out at Finley in the Riverina. At this time of year it's a long drive and as the Troy's minibus rolled out for the journey via Canberra, the team were fired up and ready for the challenge ahead. 11 and a half hours later we pulled into our accommodation in Tocumwal, slightly less fired up but still ready for the next day. We woke early to frozen puddles and a beautiful clear day, had breakfast and hopped back on the bus for the short trip to Finley. Finley are regarded as one of the best AFL teams in the state and our team knew it was going to be a tough game.

We began the game confidently and kicked the first goal to take an early lead. Finley then came back at us and at quarter time they had a slender lead. Our Merimbula team were very competitive for the next 2 quarters and matched Finley play for play, particularly when it came to fighting for the ball on the ground.

By the end of the 3rd quarter there were only 3 goals in it, and the Finley team were looking a bit surprised and concerned. Unfortunately in the last quarter our team began to tire, due to not having any subs, and Finley showed how classy they were to run away with the win.

The final score was 12-6-78 to 3-1-19 and Finley were well deserved semi-finalists. The team would all like to thank everyone who supported them this year, to help them get to the quarter finals. In particular the team thanks our minibus pilots Craig Howker and Simon Schweitzer, cruise directors, chaperones and camp mums Kerryn Howker, Robyn Skelton and Michael Woolley, Troys Hire for our discounted minibus and Frank from Caltex Merimbula for helping out with fuel.