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Last updated 11:15 PM on 8 October 2011

On Monday March 15, the SRC leaders and some Stage 3 Gifted and Talented Students from Merimbula Public School travelled to Eden Marine High School to take part in a brain research day. The 12 students worked with other talented Sapphire Coast Learning Community (SCLC) students, participating in an "Amazing Brain" workshop with world renowned presenter on brain development John Joseph.

The students learnt about: what a brain is made up of, how brains work, what learning style they have and how they can choose a career pathway to suit their learning style. They investigated and modelled brains out of plasticine. The students also learnt about how they can look after their brain in terms of how much sleep they require, how to stimulate their brain and also what food they need to nourish their brain.

It was a fantastic day and the students enjoyed working with other gifted and talented students from the high school and Eden and Pambula Public Schools. Terry Prowse, Highly Accomplished Teacher, and Paul Morris, Principal, of Eden Marine High School did a wonderful job of coordinating such a great opportunity for the students of our region.


                      Amazing Brain Workshop                     Amazing Brain Workshop