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Last updated 11:16 PM on 8 October 2011

Bailey Martin of Merimbula Public School is a spelling master.

Story courtesy of Merimbula News Weekly.


On Wednesday, November 24, Bailey took part in the State Final of the 2010 Premiers' Spelling Bee.

Some 88,000 students from public schools across NSW took part in the event. Out of those 88,000 students, 75 of them made it to the final, including Bailey. He was placed equal 13th in the junior division of the spelling contest.

Proud mum, Carla Harris said: "Bailey did an outstanding job and lasted seven tough rounds outlasting 25 other children to finish 13th overall in the state.

"Only six other children spelled correctly after Bailey was eliminated so that was quite an achievement."

Bailey had to spell mission, curator, deuce, solace, larynx, iridescent and ancillary. Bailey misspelt the last one but received a silver medal and Macquarie Encyclopedic Dictionary as prizes.

Premier Kristina Keneally said: "Getting to the final is an amazing achievement, especially when you consider the record number of students who signed up for this year's competition."

Students and teachers at Merimbula Public School watched a live internet feed of the competition on smartboards in their classrooms.

Congratulations Bailey on your fantastic spelling effort!