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Last updated 11:17 PM on 8 October 2011


Merimbula Public School held a highly successful book parade recently, highlighting the ‘One World, Many Stories' theme. Teacher Lisa Kellaway, Librarian Francine Dessaix and SRC students organised a fun-filled parade with music, dancing, a story bridge and plenty of colour. All students were encouraged to dress up on the day and they didn't disappoint. "Students looked wonderful and were a sea of colourful costumes. It was a wonderful sight watching them all play in their outfits during recess and lunch breaks," said teacher Miss Hensman.

The sun was shining, birds were singing and students at Merimbula Public School were all dancing as they paraded their costumes around the arena in the hope their class would win the fabulous title of ‘so you think you can dance'.

Our infants themes were Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes. Students came along in many different costumes for this theme. We had many Princesses and Fairies, a few Princes, the odd Wicked Witch and countless Goblins. Our primary students themes were Book Characters and Costumes of the World. Students and teachers were very creative and came dressed up as characters ranging from Harry Potter to Mary Poppins and the 3 Little Pigs. Students also came dressed as Cat in the Hat, Where's Wally, and who could forget the Peach from James and the Giant Peach! Additionally, students dressed in authentic costumes from around the globe. We saw dreadlocked Jamaican's, Japanese Geisha's, Vietnamese and Malaysian girls in traditional dress and an American or two.

After all dancing had ceased and some careful decision-making had taken place, the title ended up going to 6D for their amazing dancing efforts! Well done to all students, parents and teachers for making the parade such a wonderful event.