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Last updated 11:16 PM on 8 October 2011

At the end of term 4 Merimbula Public School stage 2 students participated in a State and National Parks Unit.

The unit allowed students to learn in depth about conservation issues such as the importance of national parks, pest animal and weed control and fire and threatened species management.

The students took on the unit with great enthusiasm – many spent hours after school researching their chosen topic of interest.

To build on this knowledge, the 3L students with the help of teacher Manda Hensman build a national park "Nature National Park" at the back of the classroom. On this they placed their plants and animals ready for a Discovery Tour.

The students were now ready to experience it all first hand when they visited Bournda National Park. Here they undertook activities relating to park management and different user groups, with the Bournda Environmental Education Centre.

Two school visitors by rangers Robyn Kesby and Grant Brewer gave the students an insight into what tasks rangers do and fantastic, engaging information about threatened and introduced species. The students got to see photos and videos of wombats, quolls and bower birds, set feral animal traps and participate in a mock seal rescue.

Armed with all this knowledge the class was ready to take the rest of stage 2, teachers and parents on a ‘Discover Tour' of their national park.

35 students and teachers and 20 parents where taken on an awesome day and spotlight tour by the 3L ‘Junior Discovery Rangers'  The audience got to see and learn about Nature National Park. A park developed and created by 3L students.

The audience even got to have a picnic between the day and nocturnal tours. 

"The students learnt so much and I was so impressed with all the extra effort that they put into learning about their plants or animals but I was delighted to see the students have the confidence and courage to speak in front of their fellow students and parents" said Miss Hensman.