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Last updated 4:19 PM on 20 June 2012

There's nothing like a series to inspire the bookworm in your child. Just think of the way kids reacted to the Harry Potter novels.

Establishing a good relationship with the first book in a series means children can generally be confident they will feel the same way about the rest of the series.

The books in a series often become easier to read as time goes on. Once your child is familiar with the first book's characters, the landscape, style and the author's voice, they can simply sit back and enjoy all the subsequent tales.

Another benefit of the book series is that kids can identify with kids who love the same series.

They can discuss the plots, predict what's going to happen in the next series, and talk about the characters they like and dislike.

Book series for young kids

You may like to introduce your preschooler or Kindy child to Russell Hoban's Frances, a high-spirited badger that experiences all the usual childhood dilemmas, including the arrival of a new sibling.

For the next age group there are classics like Ruth Park's The Muddle-Headed Wombat, Michael Bond's Paddington Bear or contemporary series like Anna Fienberg's Tashi, beautifully illustrated by Kim Gamble, in which the bold storyteller is a pixie-like character who relates many tall tales and is always the hero.

Another contemporary series is Moya Simons' Walk Right in Detective Agency, the humorous adventures of two best friends who solve quirky cases.

For upper primary school students, Emily Rodda's Deltora Quest series supplies endless hours of enjoyment in a fantasy world reproduced in three separate series, while her shorter Wizard of Rondo trilogy is popular and tightly written.

Deborah Abela's Max Remy and Duncan Ball's Emily Eyefinger are great light reads providing a childhood friend who will always be remembered affectionately. The same can be said of the boys' own 007, H. I. Larry's secret agent, Zac Power.

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