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Last updated 10:50 AM on 2 October 2013

The notion of giftedness in children has become part of many parents' conversations.

Yet ask anyone what 'gifted' means and the concept remains mysterious, sometimes stigmatised, and often perplexing for parents who think their child may be extremely bright.

About 10 per cent of the population is gifted. That is, they are significantly advanced beyond their peers in at least one of four areas – intellectual, creative, social or physical.

Those who add skill to their gift are recognised as gifted and talented.

Children who are gifted have characteristics such as:

  • exceptional reasoning abilities
  • rapid learning and abstract thinking
  • strong creativity and imagination
  • advanced analytical skills
  • empathy
  • excellent humour
  • superior insight
  • exceptional problem-solving abilities
  • high degree of social responsibility.

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