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Last updated 5:07 PM on 16 March 2012

A new website and mobile app have been launched to help parents and students address bullying.

The Bullying, No Way! website includes interactive applications, including a choose- your-own-adventure game for students to learn how to deal with bullying, and videos for parents and students. 

The site also includes information on:

  • helping your child if they are being bullied
  • identifying the signs that your child might be bullying others
  • getting help and support. 

The website and the Take a Stand Together mobile app were launched to coincide with the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. 

The focus of the day was on recognising the important role parents, families and school communities play in the drive to stop bullying and violence.

Other resources

New videos about bullying—dealing with what it is, what to look for and how to help your child—are available on the NSW Public Schools website.

You can also visit the School A to Z website to find out what cyberbullying is and get ideas on how to safely guide your child's online experiences.