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Last updated 3:14 PM on 6 March 2016

We take pride in working with our families and the wider school community to support school improvement, safety and student outcome achievement.

Do You Have A Concern or Complaint?

Concerns: If you have any concerns about students, your child, their learning or school programs/procedures, please contact your child's classroom teacher. If they are unable to assist you, or follow-up on the concerns on your behalf, they may ask you to speak with the Stage Leader/Assistant Principal on your child's stage. If your child's teacher cannot resolve the issue or assist you with your concerns, you can contact your child's Stage Leader/Assistant Principal:

  • K-2 – Mrs Janelle Hodsdon
  • Years 3 and 4 – Mr Kelvin Jamieson
  • Years 5 and 6 – Ms Vanessa Bain.

If matters are still not resolved in a timely manner, or you have concerns about any of the following, please call the school to make an appointment with the Principal, Ms Michelle Hulme.

Contact the Principal if you have a CONCERN or COMPLAINT about:

  • Student welfare or Child Protection matters
  • Racism
  • Bus behaviour/concerns
  • Helping Hands after-school care or vacation care issues
  • Staff
  • Other parents/volunteers upsetting your child at school, the bus stop etc (please do not approach another person's child yourself if you have a concern).


Complaints: How can I make a complaint?

It is best to discuss your concerns with your child's teacher first. Make an appropriate time to meet with them or phone the school and ask for an appointment with the teacher. If you are not happy with the result, or if you do not feel it is appropriate to talk to them, phone and make an appointment to discuss your concerns with the principal.

You may bring a friend or relative to be your support. If you need an interpreter, we can arrange that - just ask beforehand.

If your complaint is about the principal you will need to contact the school education director in your area. Ask the school office staff at your school for their name and number.

If your complaint cannot be resolved in an informal way, we may ask you to put it in writing. It is important that you include specific details of the situation and tell us what you would like to happen as a result of your complaint. We can help you to put your complaint in writing, if you require it.

Alternatively a complaint form may also be used. Complete the form and send it to the principal, or the school education director in your area.

Department's Code of Conduct: All Staff, Volunteers, Contractors, P&C Members and visitors to the school are expected to adhere to the Department's Code Of Conduct. If you visit or help out at our school, please be aware of your responsibilities by reading the Code of Conduct located at the following link:


Thank you for supporting our school to be a safe, respectful and caring place.

Anti-Racism Contact Officer (ARCO) Contacts: Our ARCOs are Mrs Jenni Smith and Ms Kim Peters. They will provide students with support and investigate any allegations of racism that are reported to the Principal.