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Last updated 11:16 PM on 8 October 2011

On Monday 6th of September Year 3 students made felt.

Joanne Houssenloge, from Oaklands Barn came to show us the felting process.

The first thing she showed us was how to pull the wool fibres out to make a shape on some bubble wrap. Once we had made several layers we had to wet the wool with soapy water.  We put a plastic bag over our hands so the wool wouldn't stick to our hands.  Then we rubbed the wool in so the fibres stuck together.  We rolled it too to get the water out.  We scrunched and squeezed it until it got smaller and smaller and all the fibres of the wool came together to make felt.

Some of our mum's came to help.  Mrs Vroombout showed us how to use a drop spindle and Mrs Houssenloge did a demonstration on the spinning wheel.

We all thought it was a great day and want to do it again.

We called it "From Farm to Fabewelous" and it was fabulous because we all know how to make felt now.