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Last updated 9:01 PM on 6 February 2012

Merimbula Public School has once again been recognised as supporting students by delivering a range of exceptional reading and learning support programs. Students, staff and lessons have been filmed to help create Departmental Resources on how to teach students who have dislexia or reading difficulties.

Online Training Resource DevelopmentTwo weeks ago a film crew from the State Disabilities Unit attended the school to film Stage 2 and 3 lessons, our Learning Support Lab students take part in Fast ForWord, our extension reading programs for talented readers and our support programs such as MultiLit. Ms Peters, Mrs Hodsdon, Ms Hensman, Mr Unicomb, Mr Claxton, Mrs Young, Mrs Taylor and Mrs McCormack were also interviewed about the great programs and lesson sequences our school implements to support students. Some of our great parents, students and I were also interviewed about how the school is supporting students at all levels within innovative programs, sharing the positive impact on student achievement. The crew was impressed by our great school!