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Last updated 11:16 PM on 8 October 2011
Encouraging students to participate in a wide range of sporting programs keeps classes engaging at Merimbula Public School - both during and after sports time. At the end of 2010, Stage 3 students could elect to particpate in a "Catch and Release" Fishing Program for Sport. Students learnt about how to safetly use tackle to catch fish as well as how to release fish - no matter what their size.
While participating in fishing for sport, students were taught about sustainable fishing practices, how to look after the marine environment and correct size and bag limits. While no students kept any of their catch, they enjoyed learning in an outdoor classroom and gaining information that they could share with their visiting relatives in the school holidays. Back in the classroom the students learnt more about environmental sustainability and how to look after our local estuaries.
In 2011 Merimbula Public School looks forward to working with the Marine Discovery Centre in Eden to learn more about sustainable fishing and promote such through developing new signage to be displayed at the Merimbula Wharf.