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Last updated 5:55 PM on 24 August 2013

Merimbula Public School's Dance Group become an inspiring Flash Mob!

Merimbula Public School's Dance Group took to the streets of Merimbula today, making the sunny Saturday morning even more spectacular! Following their recent outstanding performance at the Sapphire Coast Learning Community Performing Arts Festival, dance teacher Ms Hensman and Principal Mrs Hulme decided that one more performance was needed - a performance to top all performances!

The dance group gathered at school early to dress and rehearse, ready to take to the streets and entertain the public. They were also on a mission to entertain the 'Merimbula Cash Mob', a group of locals who set out each month to surprise a lucky store and spend up big, whilst supporting local business.

The Cash Mob started out at the Merimbula Hardware store, as the dance group walked robot-style through the streets in their dressing gowns! The gowns soon came off though to reveal bright-coloured morph suits, that entertained as much as the colourful moves and interesting choreography.

The Merimbula Public School 'Flash Mob' of dancers first took to Highland's Corner. They began dancing to a lively mash-up of popular music, entertaining the Cash Mob who were visiting the Merimbula Ice Creamery for a coffee after their big spend. The dancers then joined the local 'mob', celebrating all that is Merimbula with two scoops of their favourite flavours!

After their short ice cream break, Ms Hensman and her Flash Mob once again took to the streets, dancing the Macerena across the crossing, down Market Street and to the lakeside. The customers of the Waterfront Cafe and Restaurant then became the excited audience of the colourful group, as the Year 3 to 6 students danced before one of the most stunning backdrops of the Sapphire Coast.

"You have to love dancing and working in such a fun school" shared Mrs Hulme the Principal. "Having such inspiring and motivated teachers makes sure that fun is all in a days work, or in this case a fun Saturday event for the community".

Mrs Hulme thanked the Cash Mob for supporting the community and is also thankful that the many parents and caregivers supported the event by allowing their children to be involved. As well as the staff involved, the students and their families also had a great time.

The school takes pride in its involvement with the community, as was shown in their recent partnership with the 'Our 'Merimbula Chamber Of Commerce as part of the Family Fest initiative. The school cannot wait until its next surprise event and community partnership!