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Last updated 11:16 PM on 8 October 2011

Jackson Cup 2010

On September 24 all Years 3 to 6 students participated in the annual Jackson Cup. Students demonstrated their skill and team work when competing in netball and soccer games against other house groups. All students played fairly and showed outstanding skills. Congratulations to Kookaburras House who won the shield in the Junior Netball and Senior Netball Competitions. Congratulations to the Pelicans House who won both the Junior and Senior Soccer Competitions.

Best and fairest 'Percy Jackson Smarties Awards' were given to the following students on the day: Junior Soccer - Kiar and Angus; Junior Netball - Abbie-Rose and Ebony; Senior Soccer - Amber and Jack; and Senior Netball - Karli and Rebecca. Well done to those students.

As the day progressed all Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 students joined their peers to cheer and celebrate. A celebration BBQ was held, followed by a presentation.

Thank you to all of the staff, Eden Marine High School students and parents who helped on the day.


The Percy "Jackson Cup" - History

Percy Jackson's association with Merimbula Public School began after his retirement in 1966 from a banking career after immigrating from England in 1951. From the late 1960's he was a familiar part of the playground scene at lunchtimes. In soccer season he would be running up and down playing soccer, encouraging and coaching the children. In cricket season he would be coaching cricket. He was also a regular spectator at weekend club games, so he got to know the children well.

The much coveted and hotly contested Jackson Cup was originally for boys' soccer between the two Houses at the time (Swans and Kookaburras). The first Jackson Cup, initiated by Percy, was held in 1975. Netball was introduced in
the 1990's. Percy was there for most of the games, initially training, then refereeing for many years. When he could no longer participate physically, he would still be there watching matches, keeping a sharp eye on the referees - reminding them of the rules.

At the end of each Jackson Cup, Percy would always give a long inspiring speech about manners and sportsmanship. A much prized award was the presentation of a packet of Smarties to the children considered to have given it their all (therefore this still happens today). Percy always delighted the school with his colourful array of clothing, with different coloured socks showing his support of all house teams.

The Jackson Cup still remains an important part of the Merimbula Public School's Sporting Program. In 2005 the new school hall was opened and named "The Jackson Hall" in Percy's honour and students continue to celebrate his efforts and his support for the school.