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Last updated 12:01 PM on 14 October 2016

Welcome to Term 4! We have had a wonderful start to the term, welcoming some new enrolments and supporting our 2017 Kindergarten children and families to have a smooth start. It has been so wonderful to see over 50 smiling little faces ready to start their primary school learning journey at our wonderful school.

Following recent planning days and analysing parent, student and staff survey data that was collected last term (this will be shared in our Annual School Report), we have decided to re-introduce our Newsletter, in a new format. We will be trialling having two Newsletters per term, one in Week 1 and one in Week 5. These Newsletters will be sent home on the Friday. Permission and information notes will also be sent home on Fridays when required. Whilst we will endeavour to send all notes home on a Friday, some may be sent home on other days when required to go out with short notice.

Maintaining up to date and effective communication can sometimes be challenging as a result of having 415 students and 350 families attending our school. We have a large, busy school that works hard to offer many varied opportunities. Coordinating these, often while liaising with other busy schools and organisations, not to mention working around the weather, can at times mean dates and activities change at short notice. Whilst we will be sending out a Newsletter to give an overview of key events, teaching and learning programs, dates and initiatives, sometimes dates and events may change. When this is the case, updates will be posted on Facebook and/or School Stream.

With many notes coming home, and with us wanting to keep our Facebook site, School Stream app and Web Site up to  date,  having  a  Newsletter every 5 weeks will ensure that we can keep all methods of communication as up to date as possible without taking too much time away from planning our great activities and supporting your children.

We hope you like our new Newsletter and that it gives a clear insight into upcoming events and programs at our innovative and engaging school. While it has been sent home as a paper copy this time, to avoid wastage and to support our environmental education messages, future Newsletters will be available on our web site and will be linked to School Stream and Facebook only. Please contact the office on (02) 6495 1266 if you are unable to access the Newsletter via any of these methods.