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Last updated 11:15 PM on 8 October 2011

Don't forget that tomorrow is our Literacy and Numeracy Week Open Day!

Come and see the wonderful programs on offer at Merimbula Public School from 12.30pm. Your children's classrooms will be open from this time, so come and join in their reading, writing and maths lessons. The events are outlined below.

Open Day Thursday Sept 3:

12.30pm: Open Classrooms: each class will be taking part in either literacy or numeracy activities. Kindergarten, stage 1 and Stage 2 classes will be in their own classrooms. Stage 3 will be in their Maths class rooms.

1.20pm: National Flag Day Ceremony: Open Day is also being held on National Flag Day. Come along and watch our School Leaders perform the Flag Day Ceremony in front of the school.

1.30pm: BBQ Picnic / Father's Day Stall – Join us at the BBQ Shelter for lunch. Children who pre-ordered sausage sandwiches will be given tokens to collect them. A limited number of sausage sandwiches will be available on the day for people who haven't pre-ordered at a cost of $2 each. All money raised will support Literacy and Numeracy Programs across the school. Check out the great P&C Father's Day Stall outside the Jackson Hall to grab a great gift for Dad or Grandad.

2.10pm: Father's Day Stall / Classes: Kindy and Stage 1 students will attend the Father's Day Stall. All students will be participating in their regular class program.