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Last updated 7:17 PM on 27 February 2015

As you may be aware, today we held a precuationary evacuation following a staff member detecting a possible gas leak. The smell was detected during the recess play break, not long after maintenance staff had left the school after having completed routine maintenance on the gas heaters.

Thank you to all of the students, staff, families and emergency service staff who were calm, sensible and supportive during our evacuation at 1.55pm. The students were well behaved and sat patiently in the shade on the oval whilst the fire brigade made their safety checks. The staff were calm and organised, following school evacuation procedures. Even the emergency services commented on how fantastic and orderly the staff and students were.

The fire brigade arrived within minutes of being notified. They turned off the gas at the main and tested all classrooms and barbeque gas bottles. No leaks were identified. A qualified plumber also checked the facilities to ensure that there were no leaks. The police were supportive and diverted traffic and parents to Henwood Street so children could be collected on the day's end while the checks were being completed.

Students remained calm and happy throughout the evacuation. They were able to travel home by bus as per usual, thanks to Sapphire Coast Bus Lines who were able to collect the students from Henwood Street instead of the bus bay on Randolf Street. Thank you to the parents who collected their children via the Henwood Street exit. Your calm and supportive manner when collecting your children helped keep all of our younger children happy, safe and calm.

Thank you to our cleaning staff from Menzies and the Helping Hands after school care staff who were able to vary their routines to support the safety checks. We have such a great school community!

The evacuation concluded at around 3.10pm. The school is safe for students to return on Monday.