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Last updated 11:15 PM on 8 October 2011

On Wednesday evening June 2nd, ten of our students will have the rare opportunity to play with the state wide recorder ensemble in the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House.  This opportunity is the culmination of four months intensive practice which has seen the students, (many of whom have never played the recorder); gain the necessary experience to participate in the event. 

The students will be playing three pieces in the concert with the backing of the NSW State Strings ensemble, a stage band and the concert hall organ.  The pieces include the traditional hymn "Jesus Joyo of Man's Desiring" (song of Joy by J S Bach, "Home and the Heartland" from Riverdance and an original composition entitled "Kracniye Saposhki (Red Boots)", written exclusively for the performance by Sydney based composer and school teacher Tracy Burjan. 

All students involved in the concert have given up their own time to learn the music and have demonstrated maturity and determination to ensure that they are ready.  Of credit to each to them was a comment made by the concert co-ordinator Mrs Susan Sukar who stated that the schools participating from the Sapphire Coast were among the best she had seen in the state.  Congratulations and good luck.