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Last updated 7:27 PM on 30 January 2013

Congratulations to all students who were voted as School Leaders, House Captains / Vice Captains, Technology Monitors, Library Monitors, Flag Monitors, Bus Monitors and Class Student Representative Council (SRC) Representatives. Your continued dedication to demonstrating the school values of 'Care', 'Respect', 'Responsibility' and 'Fairness' has been recognised by your peers, resulting in you being chosen to represent them at meetings and when coordinating special activities and events. The school is very proud of you!

The presentation 'Induction Ceremony' for successful students will be held next Monday, February 4 at 2.10pm in the Jackson Hall. Parents, caregivers and guests are welcome to attend. The ceremony will be part of the fortnightly assembly, where students will receive awards for demonstrating academic achievement and displaying the school values.

Parents / caregivers - please see the attached file to see if your child will be receiving their leadership badge at Monday's induction. The list will be sent home with tomorrow's newsletter.


Once again, congratulations students - we are so proud of you!!!


List of students who will be receiving leadership badges: School Leader Student List (pdf 233 KB)