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Last updated 5:09 PM on 28 January 2013

Welcome to 2013 at Merimbula Public School! As in previous years exercise books, activity booklets and on-line educational site subscriptions are paid for by the school. We all know how children love to have their own pencil cases and belongings though, therefore the school has put together some lists to help you support your child in getting ready for the 2013 school year. You will find these lists in your child's 'stage' section under 'DOWNLOADS' (They were also sent home with last year's Semester 2 reports).

All students should have a bucket hat. These can be purchased from the school canteen.

Please make sure that your child's belongings are labelled. 

If you are unable to purchase any of these items or require assistance to do so, please let your child's classroom teacher, the office staff or principal know. We are happy to support your child in feeling prepared so that they enjoy their time at Merimbula Public School even more!

No requirements list is developed for kindergarten students. In the coming weeks they will be asked to bring a library bag (an old pillow case works well), a paint smock (a large old button-up shirt will do the trick) and possibly some tissues / hand soap to store in the classroom. Parents of kindergarten students can check the newsletter for when these items are required.

We look forward to the start of term and we hope that you and your child(ren) do also!