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Last updated 11:15 PM on 8 October 2011



On Monday all of the Year 5 students from Merimbula Public School participated in an excursion with a difference. They boarded the 'True Blue' and headed out to sea in hope to see whales up close. The students and teachers not only saw around 10 whales, they also saw dozens of dolphins, seals and a range of sea birds.


"It was a magical experience" said Mr Peter Claxton, Year 5 teacher, "It just makes us realise that we live in such a fabulous place. The experience was invaluable for the students".

The classes went out in search for whales to support literacy and environmental science work they are completing at school. Classes are currently learning about whales and Antarctica. They are also reading a book called "Where The Whales Sing" by Victor Keller.


"It was such a great experience" shared Mrs Michelle Hulme, the Merimbula Public School Principal who also attended the excursion. "The crew were fantastic, teaching the children a lot about whales. Everyone who went had a fantastic learning experience. One student even said 'this is the best $10 I ever spent!'. I am sure his parents would like to hear that!. We are extremely fortunate that True Blue Tours subsidised the excursion so that our three classes could attend. Our school is so lucky to have such a supportive community."

Many whale sightings have been reported up and down the coast in the past few weeks as whales migrate south to Antarctica for the summer months.