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Last updated 10:49 AM on 4 March 2013

Wednesday March 6 (during K-2 disco)

5pm – 6.25pm

5H classroom (room closest to office)

The TEN program provides support for K-2 teachers to assist children in the development of addition and subtraction numeracy skills. It specifically helps teachers to identify and support children who may be at risk in numeracy. K-2 teachers at Merimbula PS were formally trained in the program in the second half of 2012 and the program continues to be successfully implemented in all K-2 classes this year. Due to the success of the program, the school is also funding the training of Stage 2 teachers so that the program can continue in Years 3 and 4.

TEN training has helped teachers identify children who need targeting in the development of addition and subtraction strategies. Target numeracy groups within classes are determined based on an initial assessment then teachers to choose specific activities to explicitly move targeted children through a learning continuum in numeracy at a faster rate. Numerous short, focussed and frequent numeracy activities are implemented throughout the week, outside the normal maths lesson. While targeting certain children, teachers are also able to extend others through these activities. Teachers are more empowered to identify children at the various levels of development and provide activities to match individual need. This is called differentiation. This means that while, through TEN, children needing support get it, all children benefit.

The implementation of TEN in K-2 has been a success for both staff and students at Merimbula Public School. Through professional dialogue, peer observations and using targeted teaching strategies, teachers have gained a greater understanding of how students' numeracy skills develop.

We would like to share this success with you by providing a parent information opportunity on Wednesday, March 6 from 5 – 6.25pm (during the K-2 disco) in the 5H classroom. At this session I will share Merimbula's success so far and explain the developmental stages of Early Arithmetic Strategies. You will also be given some very practical and fun activities to do at home that will certainly support your child no matter what developmental level he or she is working at in maths!

Hope to see you there.

Lisa Freedman

Assistant Principal, Merimbula Public School

Illawarra and South East Regional Best Start Literacy and Numeracy Leader

(TEN Facilitator)