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Last updated 7:34 AM on 11 February 2013

This year the school is running the popular group tea towel project to help raise funds for reading resources.

The unique souvenir tea towels contain pictures drawn by all the students and staff of each Stage (therefore there will be a Kindergarten tea towel, a Years 1 and 2 towel, a Years 3 and 4 towel and a Years 5 and 6 towel so that your child's design is large enough to be seen!). The pictures will be arranged into the Stage's commemorative design and will be screen printed in blue onto high quality white tea towels.

We chose this project because it involves the children, produces a wonderful memento and meaningful gift for parents, relatives and special friends. The tea towels look amazing, are so easy to post and make a fabulous reminder of your child's early years. There is an example of a tea towel displayed in the Administration Office foyer.

If you would like to order, please download the order form below and return to the school office.

11/02/2013 Kinder (pdf 485 KB)

11/02/2013 Stage 1 (pdf 485 KB)

11/02/2013 Stage 2 (pdf 485 KB)

11/02/2013 Stage 3 (pdf 485 KB)