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Last updated 12:18 PM on 28 January 2013

School staff have been getting classrooms and facilities ready for 2013 over the past few weeks! Staff are very excited to welcome children, parents and caregivers back and meet new families starting at the school. Staff will be on duty from 8.30am on Wednesday, January 30 to welcome students back. Stage 3 (Year 5 and 6) students are to place their bags in the Canteen Covered Outdoor Learning Area (COLA), Stage 2 (Year 3 and 4) students should place their bags upstairs along the library wall and Stage 1 (Year 1 and 2) students should place their bags in the COLA next to the K-2 Equipment. If the Stage 1 area is damp, students may place their bags alongside K Block classrooms (the new building). When the 9am bell rings, students will meet in these areas to find out which class they will be in for the 2013 school year. Kindergarten students commence on Thursday, January 31.