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"What's Happening" by Stage 2012

Stage 1 (pdf, 211 KB) Stage 2 (pdf, 211 KB) Stage 3 (pdf, 248 KB)... Read more

Schools Spectacular – TV highlights

The state's most talented young singers, dancers and musicians displayed their skills during four exciting and extravagant performances at the 2011 Schools Spectacular, held recently at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. If you missed the live shows or if you just want to enjoy it all again, you can catch the highlights on ABC TV. Two telecasts are scheduled (check your local TV guide for confirmation): 7.30pm Sunday, 18 December on ABC1 (1hr version) 7.00pm Saturday, 31 December on ABC2 (2.5hr version). The brilliantly choreographed and... Read more

Stop Work Meeting - School as usual

As you may have seen in the media, the NSW Teacher's Federation have called a stop work meeting from 9.00 – 11.00 a.m. this Thursday, December 15. No classroom teachers will be participating in the stop work meeting. As a result there will be no variation to our end of year celebration plans. Kindergarten will still be going to Potoroo Palace, Stage 1 will still have their celebration disco and Stage 2 will still be attending their Mandeni fun day (weather permitting). Stage 3 students will still be taking part in lessons and activities at... Read more

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Learn to swim

Royal Life Saving NSW has emphasised the importance of swimming and water safety education, saying 50,000 children are leaving primary school every year unable to swim. The organisation says participation in swimming lessons has been in decline for the past 10 years and many Australian children are at risk of drowning. Both Royal Life Saving and the NSW Government agency Sport and Recreation offer learn-to-swim lessons throughout the state under the Swim and Survive banner. The Sport and Recreation program caters for children aged between 18... Read more


Early Stage 1 Maths - Making Pizza!

All the Kinder students had fun making their own pizzas this week as part of their literacy and maths activities. They have been talking about procedures and how you make things, as well as learning about fractions and cutting objects in half. They had lots of fun creating their own pizzas using a variety of toppings.... Read more

Kindergarten Orientation

Our 2012 Kindergarten Orientation program started last week with an informal picnic in the playground, giving parents and children the opportunity to familiarise themselves with Mermbula Public School. This week, we invite you to attend an information session on Thursday, November 10, at 9.20 am in the school hall, whilst your new Kindergarten child is having fun in the Kindergarten classrooms with the teachers. To assist with a punctual 9.20 am start, could you please arrive at 9.10 am so that your child can be settled into the Kindergarten... Read more

Changes to 1J Library Times

Due to Kindergarten and Year 1 orientation times 1J's library time will be on Tuesday for weeks 5, 6 & 7. Children may return library books any lunchtime (excluding Friday).... Read more

Website Upgrade

Welcome to the new school website. This upgrade has been ongoing for a number of weeks and unfortunately we haven't been able to upload any items to our site during this time. We apologise for this inconvenience, however, we are up and running with the website now up to date, so please check back regularly for all the news about the wonderful things happening at Merimbula Public School.... Read more

Merimbula Public School Put Their Best Foot Forward

On Monday evening the students of Merimbula Public School proved that Merimbula's got talent! Over 170 students from the school impressed family and friends with their singing, dancing and acting expertise showcasing some of the outstanding performing arts programs that take place within the school. Lochie, a Year 6 student, featured as pre-show entertainment, singing beautiful renditions of 'Make You Feel My Love', 'Drops Of Jupiter' and 'The Lazy Song'. Before the show had even begun parents, carers, family and friends were impressed by... Read more

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Sorting fact from fiction

You can't always trust what you read when researching information for assignments. Here are ways your child can tell a good website from a bad one. With so much information on the web and no-one responsible for fact checking, kids need to look out for: bias and hidden agendas factual errors outdated information information which is country-specific commercially motivated information. Play the detective The ability to question information is a vital tool for all school kids. People can publish something that looks great but is full of factual... Read more

Encouraging your child to write

You don't have to be an expert to help your child with writing. Simply supporting your child with the areas of writing that you feel confident with will benefit them. When you're writing something down such as the shopping list, sending an email or filling in a form, talk to your child about what you're doing, why you're writing it and who you expect to read it. When writing at home, make it purposeful and interesting for yourself and your child. It's essential that kids learn that we write for a purpose It's important that your child... Read more

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School Holidays

School resumes on Monday 10th October for staff AND students. Have an enjoyable and relaxing break!... Read more

Stage 3 Photography

As a part of Term 2 Creative Arts, Stage 3 explored digital photography and experimented with manipulating their artworks using photoshop. As you can see some of the results were very impressive.... Read more

Back to the Past Music Trivia

The P & C will be holding a Music Trivia Night on the 17th September. Please see the attached flyer for details. Trivia Night Flyer (pdf, 407 KB)... Read more

Proposed Industrial Action

Letter to Parents (pdf, 173 KB)... Read more

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SRC Induction

Merimbula Public School has an active Student Representative Council (SRC) with two class representatives from each Year 1 to 6 class. At the start of each Semester, Term 1 and Term 3, a special School Assembly is held to recognise student leaders and induct new members into the SRC. These class representatives support the five Year 6 School Leaders in providing student support, fundraising for local and global charities, organising fundraising events such as Fun Runs and School Discos and presenting speeches on behalf of the student body at... Read more

Book Week Parade

Merimbula Public School held a highly successful book parade recently, highlighting the ‘One World, Many Stories' theme. Teacher Lisa Kellaway, Librarian Francine Dessaix and SRC students organised a fun-filled parade with music, dancing, a story bridge and plenty of colour. All students were encouraged to dress up on the day and they didn't disappoint. "Students looked wonderful and were a sea of colourful costumes. It was a wonderful sight watching them all play in their outfits during recess and lunch breaks," said teacher Miss Hensman. The... Read more

P & C Glee Fundraiser

Glee Fundraiser Order Form (pdf, 399 KB) Attached is the flyer for the P & C Glee 3D Fundraiser.... Read more

Mobile homework help

Parents can now access quality information to help with their child's homework and assignments while on the go. The School A to Z mobile app, available free for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, is part of a new online parent resource developed by the education department. The app features: plain-English definitions of maths, English and technology terms, including videos and help sheets information and useful links to help with common classroom assignments Maths Monkey times tables learning game Spelling Bee learning game. The Spelling Bee... Read more

Canteen Review Meeting

The Merimbula Public School P & C are reviewing the operation of our school canteen. If you would like to have a say in the operation of our school canteen then be at the meeting : TUESDAY 16th August at 7pm – in the staff room We are reviewing – the hours of operation, staffing, menu, and potential of selling school uniforms. We want your opinions,... Read more

New parent resource launches

Parents can support their child's learning with a new purpose-built resource that includes a website, mobile applications and social media channels. The School A to Z online school community, developed by the education department, provides practical advice about homework, tips on learning, wellbeing, technology and resources to help parents and carers support their child's social, physical and mental development. It includes a free mobile application for iPad and smartphones that features hundreds of definitions about maths and English terms,... Read more

Athletics Carnival Progam 2011

Infants Program 2011 (pdf, 114 KB) Senior Athletics Program (pdf, 244 KB)... Read more

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"Me - wonderful me"

To celebrate the end of our unit of work "Me, wonderful me" Kindergarten went to Spencer Park with our favourite soft toy for a picnic. Check out our photos!... Read more

Building writing skills

Here are some practical tips to help your child work out the best way to express themselves through their writing. Help your child to understand writing tasks that they may have been given for homework. Ask them to talk about what has to be done. Help your child to use reference materials such as dictionaries, thesauruses, encyclopaedias, DVDs and the internet. Before your child attempts a task, help them to understand what reference materials are needed by talking about the task and asking questions which will guide the child's planning.... Read more

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Positive Parenting Workshop

Positive Parenting Presentation (pdf, 2878 KB)... Read more

School holiday reading ideas

24 June 2011 Encouraging your kids to pick up a few good books during the holidays is a great way to keep their hard-earned reading skills from slipping. Here are some suggestions. Books for young kids For boys and girls in Kindergarten to Year 2: The Terrible Plop - Ursula Dubosarsky Clancy & Millie and the Very Fine House - Libby Gleeson. For boys and girls in Years 3 and 4: Ballroom Bonanza - Nina Rycroft (a fabulous rhyming alphabetical picture book) The Adventures of a Late-Night Swearer - Nette Hilton The Walk Right in Detective... Read more

Education tax refund

8 June 2011 With the financial year almost over, now is the time to start collating your receipts from education expenses to take advantage of a federal government tax initiative. The Education Tax Refund (ETR) gives parents and caregivers a 50% refund on a range of primary and secondary school education expenses. For the 2010-2011 financial year you may be eligible for the following: Primary school child You can claim a maximum of $794 for each of your primary school children and receive a maximum refund of $397 per primary school child.... Read more

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Helping your child with maths

Success in maths in the later years of school is dependent on developing a solid understanding of the foundational concepts: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Maths expert and parent, Associate Professor Janette Bobis from the University of Sydney, gives her top tips on how young kids can become confident in maths. Have a positive attitude towards maths When parents tell their children that they themselves can't do it, it means they're communicating messages that it's OK not to be good at maths, which can carry all the way... Read more

Helping your child to read

Parents play an important role in developing their child's reading ability. Here are six great ways to help with this vital skill. Together find information and interesting facts about things that intrigue or interest your child in books, magazines or on the internet. Read and talk about what you find out. Provide your child with plastic letters, crayons, pencils, chalk, pens and writing paper. Make things together and ask your child to read out simple directions (eg recipes while you cook together). Suggest that your child writes simple... Read more

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News story

7/4/2011 MPS Officially Opens Building (pdf, 147 KB)... Read more

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Mosquito-borne diseases

NSW Health is warning parents and school communities about a range of health risks associated with mosquito bites. There has been a significant increase in the numbers of mosquitoes in some parts of NSW following recent heavy rainfall and flooding. Mosquitoes can transmit a number of viral infections, including Ross River virus and Barmah Forest virus, and a large number of these infections have been reported in 2011. A rarer but more serious mosquito-borne infection called Murray Valley encephalitis has also been detected in western NSW.... Read more

Kinder Co-ops

All the Kinder children join together every Tuesday and Thursday from 11.30 am – 1.30 pm for Kinder Co-ops. The children are in small groups of 6 children and participate in a rotation of 4 activities on each day. The activities include handwriting, creative play in the playroom with a different theme each week, computer tasks, maths activities and games, reading, construction toys and art/craft. They have lots fun working with children from different classes. We are very fortunate to have many parents who enjoy coming to help the children.... Read more

It's easy being green

Reducing your family's carbon footprint at home and school is easy and can save you money at the same time. Low-waste lunches Try doing a lunch box audit with your kids to see how much packaging you use such as plastic wrap, plastic throw-away spoons, straws and plastic bags, along with pre-packaged foods. Lunch boxes with their special compartments for sandwiches, fruit, nuts and snacks are the best way to reduce additional wrapping or packaging of individual items. Chilled or frozen juice or water keeps lunch cool and fresh. Reusable drink... Read more

"In the School Yard" Interview

ABC Radio has a new segment called 'In the School Yard' on Wednesday mornings at 7.35 a.m. where they will be speaking to local school teachers, parents and students about their school and what's happening in it. This morning our school principal Mrs Michelle Hulme was very proud to be the first person interviewed for this new segment. Mrs Hulme spoke about the exciting programs being run at Merimbula Public School. You can listen to her here:... Read more

Stage 1

Check out what Stage 1 have been up to by clicking on Yr 1 above.... Read more

Move to Learn

This program is a sequence of 9 movements (rolling, gliding, rocking, stomach crawling, unilateral and cross-pattern flip-flops, crawling and walking) used to develop each child's movement skills, body awareness, ability to use both sides of their brain effectively and ensure they have inhibited all their primitive reflexes.. These 20 minute sessions are held daily at 9.00 am in the Jackson Hall. The Kinder children are enjoying their Move To Learn sessions and are already able to perform many new skills, including extensions such as doing an... Read more

Getting organised for school

Children get their work done more easily if they can manage their time and their environment. Here are five great tips from experts and families to help you and your kids get organised for school. 1. Establish some routines Set up a few simple routines in your home that make things more efficient. For example, teach your kids that the first thing they do when they come in the door is empty their bag of food and notes or newsletters. 2. Manage time Talk to your kids regularly about planning how they use time for activities that need doing as... Read more

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Zone Swimming Carnival

I would like to congratulate all Merimbula Public School students who represented our school at the NSW Primary School Sports Association (PSSA) Far South Coast Zone Swimming Carnival at Candelo Pool last Friday (February 18). Your behaviour and efforts were outstanding! Congratulations also on once again being Zone Champions! Thank you to Nick Pawley (Sapphire Coast Aquatic Centre) and Mrs Nawiesniak for coaching our team.... Read more

Healthy Kids website

Keeping kids active and healthy has been made easier with the relaunch of the Healthy Kids website. Healthy Kids is the main source of online information in NSW focused on the prevention of childhood obesity through healthy eating and physical activity. The website's five main messages you can share with your kids are: get active each day choose water as a drink eat more fruit and vegetables eat fewer snacks and select healthier alternatives turn off the TV or computer and get active. The website has great information, such as lunch box... Read more

Fishing For Facts!

Encouraging students to participate in a wide range of sporting programs keeps classes engaging at Merimbula Public School - both during and after sports time. At the end of 2010, Stage 3 students could elect to particpate in a "Catch and Release" Fishing Program for Sport. Students learnt about how to safetly use tackle to catch fish as well as how to release fish - no matter what their size. While participating in fishing for sport, students were taught about sustainable fishing practices, how to look after the marine environment and correct... Read more

P & C Meet & Greet

TUESDAY 8th FEB 2011 7pm @ MPS Staff Room NEXT WEEK MEET & GREET, ‘ Bring a plate and bring a mate' Bring a small plate of nibbles, and someone new. No secret hand shakes just friends to shake hands with! See you then. Angi High – Merimbula PS P&C President... Read more

Lunch box safety

Students are returning to school in one of the hottest months of the year and summer temperatures provide an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. It's important to keep your child's food cool in order to reduce the risk of food poisoning. Simple tips Use insulated lunch boxes or cooler bags. Keep a frozen drink or freezer brick inside the lunch box or bag. If you're making lunches the night before, store them in the fridge until leaving for school. Ask your child to store their lunch in a cool, dark place like a locker - not in direct... Read more

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2011 Swimming Carnival

Our 2011 Swimming Carnival will be held on Tuesday 8th February. Permission notes and menu are available under 'Downloads then Sport"... Read more

Stage Class Requirements 2011

Stage 1 Class Requirements 2011 (pdf, 74 KB) Stage 2 Class Requirements 2011 (pdf, 94 KB) Stage 3 Class Requirements list 2011 (PDF 218Kb)... Read more

Bringing the outdoors indoors.

At the end of term 4 Merimbula Public School stage 2 students participated in a State and National Parks Unit. The unit allowed students to learn in depth about conservation issues such as the importance of national parks, pest animal and weed control and fire and threatened species management. The students took on the unit with great enthusiasm – many spent hours after school researching their chosen topic of interest. To build on this knowledge, the 3L students with the help of teacher Manda Hensman build a national park "Nature National... Read more

Education tax refund

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to keep their receipts from education related expenses to take advantage of a federal government tax initiative. The Education Tax Refund (ETR) gives you refunds of 50% on a range of primary and secondary school education expenses. You can receive refunds up to a maximum of $397 per primary school student and $794 per secondary school student. Items you can claim You can claim the cost of buying, establishing, repairing and maintaining any of the following items: home computers and laptops... Read more