Our school

Our Motto:  "Excellence, Opportunity, Success"

Our Vision:To provide an environment where achieving one's best is inevitable.

Our Purpose:To educate and empower our children to be committed learners who learn leadership skills for life, by being an all-inclusive school that strives to be the community's first choice.

Our Values:

  • ResponsibilityDoing the right thing at the right time;
  • Respect – Treating others how you would like to be treated;
  • ResilienceDealing with life's challenges and staying positive.

At the beginning of each year and term, Merimbula Public School staff explicitly teach the school's values. Regular daily reminders and fortnightly assemblies at the school also focus on embedding the values in all the students do at school. The rich language of the values is common throughout all school settings. As well as being taught by teachers, the teaching of values is embedded in Scripture, Special Religious Education and Philosophical Ethics lessons that are offered at the school.

The teaching of values is part of the school's Positive Behaviour for Learning Program. The successful program was implemented five years ago, having a positive impact in the school. The school educates students within the classroom and playground about its core values of ‘Respect', ‘Responsibility' and ‘Resilience'. Students are frequently rewarded for modelling these values, creating a harmonious school environment. Individual, class and whole school rewards within the school also allow students to celebrate success.

Merimbula Public School has recently been awarded four Sapphire Coast Learning Community achievement awards, and four regional awards for excellence, adding to the other 14 state and regional awards we have received in the past five years. These awards have recognised the dedication of staff in providing a quality education in a creative, safe and caring environment where students value positive behaviour and become responsible, respectful learners.

Merimbula Public School has as its core beliefs: Every child can learn and enjoy success; Expect success for all learners; Know, value and cater for the individual learner; Create a secure and supportive environment that challenges and stimulates the learner.

School Times: Our school times have been decided upon in consultation with the P&C, parents and caregivers during consultation meetings. The times are in accord with the Department Of Education and Communities' policies and teacher award.

8.30am - Morning Supervision: Teachers supervise students from 8.30am. Students should not be on the school grounds before this time. Students can play on the Basketball Court and other hard surfaces in the morning, as soon as the morning bell is rung and the supervising teacher is on duty. The canteen operates each morning from 8.30am where students can receive a free breakfast thanks to our community sponsored 'Breakfast Club'. Lunch orders must be handed in before 9am.

9.00am - MORNING BELL: Students enter their classes for their morning session. A fruit break is held at approximately 10am.

11.15am - LUNCH BELL: Students eat their lunch (lunch orders are collected from the school canteen, by the class lunch monitor, 2 minutes before the bell).  For the first 10 minutes students sit in their classroom or 'stage eating area'. At the end of the 10 minutes they are reminded to put their rubbish in the bin before going to play. The canteen operates every lunch time.

The play session lasts for 30 minutes. Students may borrow sports equipment at this time from the 'sports borrowing room' located between the Year 3 & 6 classrooms. Students may visit the library or take part in skill-based sports activities on the Oval. Two days per week students can attend the 'Lego Club' at lunchtime. Other music tutoring, performing arts and sports training also takes place some lunch times.

11.55am - MIDDLE SESSION: Classes resume. 

1.25pm - AFTERNOON RECESS BELL: Students have afternoon tea.  For the first 10 minutes they sit in their 'stage eating area'. At the end of the 10 minutes they are reminded to put their rubbish into the bin before going to play. The play session lasts for 20 minutes. Students may borrow sports equipment from the 'sports borrowing room' located between the Yr 3 & 6 classrooms. 

1.55pm - AFTERNOON SESSION: Students return to class for their afternoon session.

2.55pm - AFTERNOON BELL: The afternoon bell alerts staff and students that school has ended. Students who catch a bus or walk home assemble in the bus and walking line area (in front of the Year 3 rooms, or under the canteen or K-2 covered areas in inclement weather). Children meeting their parents can do so at their classrooms, near the office or at the back oval gate. Parent parking is also located near the Henwood Street gate. Information on bus routes and times can be obtained by contacting Sapphire Coast Bus Lines on (02) 6495 6452.